Meet the Mommy: Jocelyn

Meet the Mommy: Jocelyn
This is the third interview in a series called Meet the Mommy. Readers will hear voices of moms who have chosen Sisters Midwifery and Genevieve as their midwife.

Husband – Ahren
DaughterIris Anna
(1 year 4 months)

When Jocelyn and her husband found out they were pregnant they began exploring the options of birthing centers and home birth although Jocelyn admits she was nervous about having a baby at home.

On Choosing Genevieve
Jocelyn (J):
Genevieve was our first stop – we didn’t even get to the birthing center. She had reasonable answers to all the things that worried me. We would choose Genevieve for all of our future births because we definitely plan on having more kids.

Other than answering all of her concerns, Jocelyn recalls being struck by Genevieve’s gentle demeanor and relaxed personality. Jocelyn also trusted that as her pregnancy went along that Genevieve would keep her informed and tell her if a home birth was no longer an option.

On Home Birth
This was my first baby so I had no idea what to expect. Childbirth isn’t easy, but being at home helped make the experience mellow and calm.

Jocelyn noted that during labor she tried to remain on top of the pain. Some of the strategies she found helpful were doing yoga, remembering to breath deeply and finding focal points.

Rave for Genevieve
She is an ultimate mother figure. That was helpful to me because my mom was in California during my pregnancy. I knew I was being taken care of.

On Staying in Touch
I can text Genevieve and ask questions about the baby and she has answers because she is a mom and seasoned midwife. She has helped me get through various situations and with how to be a mom.

Family Business
We started a family business so Iris has been in a backpack making sauerkraut with us since she was about three months old.

You can find their probiotic craft kraut at in.gredients or catch Boulanger Fermentations at local farmers’ markets, fairs and fests.

When the Boulanger family is not working, chances are they are dancing to music from old records. Jocelyn's daughter, Iris, has some favorite albums…

Iris’ Playlist:

By Stephanie Bazan
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