Get started with Genevieve’s recommended list of articles to read, businesses and organizations to check out, answers to common questions and information about herbal remedies. You’ll find more details about the safety and history of home birth as well as tools for successful breastfeeding and getting help during your postpartum period.

You may also find The Business of Being Born insightful. It’s a film that interlaces intimate birth stories with surprising historical, political and scientific insights and shocking statistics about the current maternity care system.



The home birth experience is a natural and safe method of welcoming your new baby into this world. It promotes quick bonding with parents and child. Additional benefits include quick establishment of successful nursing and quicker healing for mother. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about midwifery and home birth. … 


Helpful articles about home birth and natural parenting topics: History of Midwifery – Many people think a midwife is an archaic thing of the distant past. Here are the basics of our history-from biblical times to present. Midwifery Model of Care – What women should know about the differences between obstetrics care by physicians and holistic …

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Online resources both local and national that Genevieve recommends. These range from doulas who will support you and the midwife during your natural labor, more information about the safety and history of home birth, tools for successful breastfeeding and getting help during your postpartum period. Local Resources Bundle of Joy Postpartum: Wendy Redding CPD (DONA, …


Herbal Remedies

Genevieve will recommend and often provide certain herbs and natural remedies after birth and during your pregnancy. Sitz bath herbs can be added to a bath to help ease soreness or can be brewed and used in a Peri Bottle or on a chilled pad for extra comfort. The mix of herbs helps with recovery. …