A Touch of Sunshine - How it Helps Newborns with Jaundice

The beautiful sunny weather in Austin today reminded me of the first weeks of my son’s life. He was born alert and healthy, but Genevieve noticed during one of her first check-ins, that his skin was a bit yellow. My baby had jaundice and -- before I had time to worry -- her simple yet spot on instruction was... a touch of indirect sunshine.

My husband would pop out in the front yard under our large oak tree and let the sun that peeked through wash over our little boy’s backside. Then, after a couple minutes, he would do the same on the front side making sure to protect his eyes.

Physiologic jaundice (a common type of jaundice that many babies experience) does not require aggressive treatment. It will usually fade in a few days with exposure to indirect sunlight at home. Be mindful of the amount and type of sun exposure your baby gets. Your midwife may suggest you increase your baby's feedings as he should also be kept hydrated.

Some of our friends who happened to be visiting during the “sunning” hour took delight in standing near a window and being our son’s sun catcher. Within a few days, our baby’s skin was naturally free of the yellow tint.

If you have experienced the care Genevieve provides for babies and families then you know this is just one of the many examples in which her knowledge and advice is golden. But, if you are in search of a midwife then your search may very well have led you to the light.


By Stephanie Bazan
Stephanie is a mama, and freelance writer and graphic designer from Austin, Texas. She enjoys adventures with her husband, 18-month-old son, and shepherd pound puppy.