Meet the Mommy: Virginia

Meet the Mommy: Virginia
This is the second interview in a series called Meet the Mommy. Readers will hear voices of moms who have chosen Sisters Midwifery and Genevieve as their midwife.

Husband – Zac
SonDario (11 months)

Virginia and Zac opted for home birth, but their favorite activity gets them out of the house and exploring. On days off this family is likely blazing a trail through the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve or heading out for a hike in the Texas Hill Country.

Virginia recommends that anyone having a baby watch the documentary The Business of Being Born because it will confirm the decision for home birth. I chatted with her recently about home birth and choosing Genevieve, her birth team and family dynamics.

On Home Birth

Virginia (V): My mother-in-law had two of her five children at home and the other three at birthing centers. My husband was born at home.

On Choosing Genevieve

V: I knew nothing [about home birth]. I was starting from the ground up so I asked Genevieve to tell me everything and she said, “Sure. No problem.”

Virginia met with several midwives before selecting Genevieve. Every midwife started by asking her if she had any questions, but many seemed annoyed or put out when she asked them to tell her everything she needed to know. Virginia was so new to home birth that she needed a base of information in order to identify what she wanted to ask. Genevieve didn’t hesitate to fill her in and it was that easygoing approach that made Virginia’s decision simple.

Rave for Genevieve

V: When we decide to have a second kid I’m definitely having a home birth and definitely having Genevieve. There’s zero question.

On Staying in Touch

V: I think it’s great that Genevieve provides a community for moms after the birth. So many new moms get stuck or don’t know what to do to get out of the house. Genevieve makes it easy.

Virginia’s Birth Team

Virginia liked that Genevieve had multiple attendants at her birth. They each played a significant part whether it was holding Virginia’s hand or preparing her for delivery. When asked about the role her husband Zac played it took a few moments before she remembered he had a wet washcloth on hand. “He kept my head cool…he literally kept me cool.”

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Family Teamwork

V: My son Dario hates getting his diaper and jammies on, and singing doesn’t help anymore. We have this new thing we do with him after his bath. Zac reads Hop on Pop and then it’s a breeze…everybody is happy.

Dario loves the book Hop on Pop, but also loves:

  • Climbing Stairs

  • Riding on Dad’s Shoulders

  • Eating Cheese


By Stephanie Bazan
Stephanie is a mama, and freelance writer and graphic designer from Austin, Texas. She enjoys adventures with her husband, 1-year-old son, and shepherd pound puppy.