How to Help Baby Settle into an Optimal Position for Birth

There is a lot to think about during pregnancy. From the foods we eat, exercises we do, additional vitamins we take and all the stuff in between. On a recent visit to Sisters Midwifery I asked, “What can I do to help keep baby in an optimal position for birth?”

Here are their suggestions:

  • Sit up Straight - Don’t Slouch. Keep an upright back by sitting on the front of your sitz bones and not back on your sacrum. Use pillows if needed to help keep yourself from leaning back.

  • Do Pelvic Tilts or Cat/Cow – These exercises make pregnancy more comfortable and can help baby swing to the anterior.

  • Use an Exercise Ball – This helps with balance and posture, which can influence the fetal position. When sitting on an exercise ball make sure your hips are level with or higher than your knees.

  • Bind Your Belly - Support a loose womb or pelvis with a pregnancy belt and help baby aim and stay in a good position for labor and birth.

  • Rest on Your Side - Think of your belly as a hammock and let the baby lay with his or her back settling into the hammock. Prop a pillow between your knees and ankles for comfort.

For more information on helping baby settle into a good position for birth, visit Spinning Babies.


By Stephanie Bazan
Stephanie is a mama, and freelance writer and graphic designer from Austin, Texas. She enjoys adventures with her husband, 2-year-old son, and shepherd pound puppy. The family is expecting a new baby sister this May.