How Can Partners Bond with Baby?

Nursing mothers have an immediate connection with their baby. Mamas are likely breastfeeding around the clock so there is no question of the importance and necessity of their role.

What about partners? How can they bond with baby? Partners may feel unhelpful or not needed, but the truth is that they are a crucial component in baby’s life. Your partner has a different voice that can prove to be just what baby needs in certain situations. And his or her scent and touch are also welcomed comforts for baby.

When our son was a newborn, he had a slight case of jaundice and so one of my husband’s duty’s was to warm him in the sun for a few minutes each day. That was when he perfected his “Tiger in the Tree” hold. Dad also became the designated swaddler because he was much better than I was at folding and tucking!

Here are some other ways partners can play an important role in baby’s life:

  • Cuddle or take a nap with baby on your chest

  • Read or sing to baby

  • Change baby’s diaper

  • Burp baby once he’s done nursing

  • Wear baby in a sling or carrier and go on a walk

  • Give baby a bath

  • Rock baby to sleep

For more on this topic check out La Leche League’s pdf What About Partners? We would love to hear some ways your partner bonded with your baby.

By Stephanie Bazan
Stephanie is a mama, and freelance writer and graphic designer from Austin, Texas. She enjoys adventures with her husband, 1-year-old son, and shepherd pound puppy.