The level of care provided in your global package is unparalleled by any other medical model (like a hospital or birthing center). Midwifery care covers prenatal visits, attendance at your birth, postpartum visits, newborn exams and breastfeeding support. On top of all that, a postpartum doula can be sent to your house to help out after the birth if you need it. All of this and so much more are included in the services Sisters Midwifery will provide to make your birth a safe and beautiful experience.



Global Package:

  • Free consultation with prospective clients

  • Preconception counseling and education

  • Childbirth and parenting education, along with sibling preparation

  • Complete medical history

  • Physical exam, including blood work and training for self-breast exam

  • Full prenatal care, to include one-hour routine:

    • Monthly office visits until 28 weeks gestation

    • Bimonthly office visits until 36 weeks gestation

    • Weekly office visits from 36 weeks to term

    • At least one prenatal home-visit

  • Full birth assistance, including newborn exam and breastfeeding support with 2 midwives in attendance

  • Full postpartum care, to include:

    • Care of mother through the postpartum period

    • Continued breastfeeding support

    • Postpartum visits on day 1 and day 3

    • Four hours of postpartum doula care at 1 week after the birth (if needed)

    • 2 week and 6 week postpartum visits

    • Gynecological exam, breast-exam and family planning counseling

    • (Pap smear when indicated)

  • Newborn care to 6 weeks of age, including both newborn screens.

Sisters Midwifery accepts Visa, MasterCard & insurance. Payment plans are available.